Events list for 2021

Many regular fixtures are still cancelled due to Covid restrictions, as a mix of Sportive and Time Trial events taking place over the 2021 season, including BRCC Club, local and national events become available we will try to show them here

Check out our Facebook group where club members will post details of any planned BRCC groups taking part.

Arrangements to share transport and link together at specific meet up points will be posted there.

9th May 2021 - The Fred Whitton Challenge - Sportive - LA22 9SL

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Time Trial Routes

BRCC TT Route - P901/10

This is the mainstay of the BRCC TT season routes.


A fairly standard out and back course with a small loop through Maudlin and Westhampnet. On calm evenings we have had some very fast times on this route and with a majority of the distance ridden on the A27, road conditons are usually smooth and pot hole free.


From the start you are straight into the first descent getting you up to pace quickly and then letting

you keep it there as the road goes on to the roundabout at Tangmere. Take the cheers of support from supporters at the bridges and push on round Temple Bar and back onto the A27. Keep something in your legs for the last stretch as this is the where the pain kicks in.


The final length towards the finish is uphill, not a climb we'd give a second thought to on a club run but if you've been going all out for the last 9.5 miles, it hurts.


Please remember to take the underpass route back to the HQ, even the best times will be

forfeited if you turn right at the roundabout by Fontwell racecourse


Click here for the Garmin route

BRCC TT Route - P912/8

This route is used for the first and last few evening TTs of the season.


At 8 miles it allows for a full field while the sunlight is in short supply, as the days get longer we transfer to the P901 course and the full 10 mile length TT format.


This course may be short with a fast downhill start, but one look at the elevation

reveals the sting in this course's tail comes just before the finish with the long 'draggy' climb back through Halnaker and past the start point. If you get there, the rest is

'easy' with a small dip followed by the fastest finish of our season as you drop down past the vineyards to the finish point.


Click here for the Garmin route